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Level 3 Certificate in Power and Supply Distribution Cabling


6-18 Months

About the Course

What is this qualification?

This is an occupational qualification and is for learners who work in the electrotechnical industry carrying out either power supply distribution cabling or cable jointing and require a formal qualification to facilitate progression to becoming industry recognised in their role.

Learners have 1 year to complete the qualification; it can be completed within a minimum of 3 months. The Assessor will carry out a phone review with the learner every 12 weeks. The observation will be carried towards the end of the qualification. This qualification will be completed online by using an e portfolio system.

Who is this qualification for?

Those who work in the industry carrying out either power supply cable installation or cable jointing and wish to gain industry recognition in their occupation.

What does this qualification cover?

This qualification comprises of knowledge and performance outcomes within single units covering: Safe site working, overseeing and organising the work, and optional units for installation of power supply/distribution cabling and cable jointing of power supply/distribution cabling. It provides a flexible approach for learners to gather evidence of their safe working from carrying out their occupational role. This qualification is graded pass or fail only.

Achievement of the Qualification:

This qualification is gained when all necessary units have been achieved. The centre will then be able to apply for the learner’s certificate. The learner will also receive a certificate of unit’s credit, listing all the achieved units.


The assessment of this qualification involves the learner providing sufficient valid and authentic occupational evidence attesting to the units requirements. The Learner will also be expected to demonstrate acceptable job knowledge and understanding by successfully completing the underpinning knowledge and understanding questions in each unit. Practical/performance assessment contributes to approximately two-thirds of the assessments within the qualification. All assessments are pass or fail only.


Apply Health, Safety and Environmental Considerations

Organise and Oversee the Electrical Work Environment

Installation of Power Supply/Distribution Cabling

Requires the learners to evidence on three separate occasions that they have sufficiently met the performance requirements of this unit.

Unit Cable Jointing Pathway - requires the learners to evidence on two separate occasions that they have sufficiently met the performance requirements of this unit. This is due to the additional requirement of learners to undertake the cable and jointing occupational test for the ECS card. (outside qualification).

Learners for the cable jointing pathway must also undertake an occupational competence assessment by NET (not in this qualification and is charged separately). It demonstrates that you have the level of competence expected by the industry. This assessment is to be completed to enable you to apply for your gold card. The cable jointing assessment is broken down into different sections:

Section A1 Safe Isolation and Risk Assessment (45 mins)

Section A2 Completion of a Termination into a TP&N Switch Enclosure (1hr 15 mins)

Section A3 Confirm Isolation (15 mins)

Section A4 Completion of a through Joint (1hr 30 mins)

Section B Inspection & Testing of the Installation (1 hour)

Section C Assessment of Underpinning Knowledge (1 hour)

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