Emergency Lighting Course

This is a two-day emergency lighting course that covers the design, installation, commissioning, testing and certification of emergency lighting systems as well as legislative and standards requirements; this includes the on-going operation of the systems.


Why take this Course?


This course is designed to give you the ability and skills to design and install an emergency lighting system. Your knowledge of the current regulations will be expanded to include the testing and commissioning of the installation itself.

Is this course right for me?


This short course for those with electrical installation experience. Ideally you will already have knowledge of the current regulations.

Emergency Lighting Course Content


The course covers the legal requirements as well as the requirements of BS 5266-1, BS 5266-7 & BS5266-8.

  • Design

  • Locations of lights Illumination levels

  • Glare index

  • Types of emergency luminaire

  • Requirements for safety signs

  • Installation Design Exercise

  • Wiring Systems

  • Labelling

  • Operation

  • Testing and Commissioning

  • Certification and log books / Servicing 



A Practical Exercise. 

 On completion of the course you will receive an in-house certificate.

Course Duration: 1 Day 

Cost: £180.00