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About the Course

See our CITB Courses below:

CITB Health and Safety Awareness

This course focuses on all aspects of health and safety for the civil engineering and construction industries. It’s aimed at individuals who work regularly on a construction site who would benefit for an increased awareness of essential health and safety issues. The course will examine the potential construction site hazards and offer practical safety advice. It will also clarify what responsibilities both you and your employer have, as well as what to do if you believe someone is being put at risk. Once you’ve successfully completed this course, and the “Health, Safety & Environment CSCS Test” candidates will be eligible to apply for a CSCS green labourer card.

CITB Site Supervisor Safety Training

The Site Supervisor Training Course from CITB is designed for those who are currently in a supervisory role or are likely to progress to one. It looks at the health and safety laws within the construction industry, and your responsibility in upholding them. You’ll gain an effective understanding of how to professionally assess risk, as well as the best ways to monitor site activity. The course closes by examining how best to plan and implement a timely intervention once any negative site practices have been identified.

CITB Site Manager Safety Training

This course is aimed at project and senior managers, covering a range of legal requirements that must be adhered to for safe working within the construction, civil engineering and building industries. Candidates will gain an insight into how to undertake regular workplace risk assessments as well as how to create a good standard of health and safety culture on site.

If you’d like to know more about CITB or have any questions about our range of courses, please feel free to get in touch so we can help.

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